We believe our neighbors and our neighborhoods are the real pillars of our community

Let’s create, repair and improve our community together!


This year, OYF launched a brand new and unique community development program – Neighborhood initiatives fund!

We have been thinking about this program for a long time, and finally, this year we made it! Our friends from Civic Initiatives and Youth Build Serbia program helped us get the funding and necessary program support for 2017.

This program is designed to support and engage community activists in making their neighborhoods nicer and better. And we encourage local non-formal groups of citizens to apply for financial support. And we made it really simple – just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Gather your neighbors and think about the problem you want to solve
  2. Fill in a very simple application form and email it us
  3. When project idea and budget is approved – collect your invoices
  4. OYF will pay all your invoices – and you are ready to go! Have fun and share the good vibe! 🙂 


PROMO VIDEO: Take a look at short promotion of our program at local TV station MAG:

OPEN CALL 2017: This year, call for applications was open from June 1 to  June 15, 2017. After we have received all the applications – on June 24, OYF gathered an independent selection committee, consisted of 5 individuals from the community. The committee made the decision based on the following selection criteria:

  • 1. clear goals and actual possibility of implementing the idea
  • 2. creativity and authenticity,
  • 3. justification of the budget
  • 4. need for the project in the community
  • 5. sustainability and impact of the project

And here’s some interesting data: ★ 40% of all projects will be implemented in rural areas ★ 30% of all projects proposals are focused on renovation and construction of public spaces ★ 49% of all applicants are young people aged 15 to 30 years ★40% of all applicants are women.

The final list of selected projects: Selection committee selected and approved 12 project ideas, in total worth of almost 1/2 million RSD! See a full list of selected projects here (in Serbian).

On July 16, OYF organized a small ceremony for our project leaders to sign contracts, talk about further program and admin support, and enjoy the conversation with other activists, OYF team and donors.


Take a look at our Facebook Album with all photos from implemented projects so far.

We will keep you updated about the amazing work our citizens are doing in our community 🙂


If you wish to help us get the funding for this program for next year, consider donating to OYF